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Qari Sohaib Ahmed Mir Mohammadi, born in Pakistan in 1975, is a Pakistani national, a world-renowned Qari and Islamic Scholar. He studied in the College of the Holy Qur’an and Islamic Studies at the Islamic University of Madinah Al-Munawarah and has specialized in the ten readings of the Qur’an, Tajweed and Islamic Studies & Sciences....
Sheikh Kashif Naseem Dilkusha is the founding member, lead instructor and project head of Azaan. His passion for teaching is evident in his energetic approach and engaging style. Sheikh Kashif earned his B.S. in Economics with majors in Marketing from Southeastern University, Washington D.C. He completed his Masters of Business Administration in Marketing from Iqra...
Ustadh Mugheerah Luqman has more than 6 years of teaching and administrative experience in academia; his most recent assignment was in a school in UAE where he was working as the Head of the Department of Islamic Studies. He is currently the head of Tarbiyah Department at Riphah University, Lahore where he is responsible for...
Ustadh Kamran Abdul Rauf Kiyani is an active researcher and speaker on the Seerah (life history) of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). He has been a student of various scholars from Pakistan, South-East Asia and the Middle East. He is part of an international panel of Muslim experts of management science developing an...
Renowned Islamic Scholar Student of Dr. Israr Ahmed Orator Peace Tv, ARY, Qtv, Dunya News, Metro One and other Media Deliver lectures in different prestigious Educational Institutes and Masajid Senior Faculty Quran Academy, Karachi Khateeb Jamia Masjid Shadman, Karachi Programs Director The ILM Foundation, Karachi Visiting Faculty Islamic Studies & Arabic Language (CBM-IoBM, 2007-2015) C.A....
Sheikh Abdul Jabbar Bilal is a teacher of Tafseer of THE Quran and is an author of several Islamic books. He has been delivering lectures at different TV channels, various prestigious universities and institutes of Pakistan. Currently, he is a lecturer at FAST-NU, Islamabad. He has completed his M.Phil in Dawah & Islamic Culture from...
Dr. Suhail Hassan is a recognized Islamic scholar. He has been teaching Shariah and Law in International Islamic University Islamabad since 1984. He has a Ph.D. from Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with Distinction, 1997. M.A. from Islamic University, Madinah, Saudi Arabia with Distinction, 1981 and B.A. from Islamic University, Madinah,...
Raja Zia ul Haq is a prominent lecturer from Islamabad, delivering regular talks & workshops on youth-related issues, life & purpose.
Abubakar Siddique has done specialisation in Islamic banking, finance and comparative religion. He is a khateeb of Jamia Masjid Allama Abdul Aziz Hanif and also a visiting faculty in IIUI. A public speaker with an ability to convey the message of Islam in a manner that has the power to capture anyone’s attention.
• Hammad Safi is a 11 year old boy from district Mohmand (FATA Agency). • Popularly known as the “Young Professor”, this lad surprises people with his freelancing inspirational speeches. • A Motivational speaker, a TV anchor and a profound writer, Hammad Safi is best at what he does. • He is also the student...
Director Hamaray Bachchay Department, Al Huda International Welfare Foundation, Islamabad. Medical Doctor (Child Specialist) by profession, and works for Humanity on various fronts. Dynamic orator and a preacher who makes appearance on various TV channels. Authored Hamaray Bachchay resource book series for teachers as character building guide for children. 18 years of experience in teaching...
Soumia Aziz teaches at the department of Tafsir and Qur’anic Sciences at International Islamic University, Islamabad Pakistan. She holds a diverse experience of research and teaching. Previoualy she served as lecturer in Islamic Institute Jeddah, KSA and as Research Associate at Islamic Research Institute, Islamabad. Soumia frequently teaches courses on Contemporary Approaches to the Study...
• Ayesha Basheer is an Academician, Author, Translator and Editor. • PhD Scholar working on social peace problems of Pakistan. • Faculty Member at: Institute of Arabic language Pakistan (2004-2019), International Islamic University Islamabad (2006-2019), Islamic Online University (2013-2016). • Religious Advisor at Khadijah Counselling Service (2007_ 2019) • Multilingual Translator & Interpretor, worked on...
A teacher and a motivational speaker. Teaching and delivering motivational lectures for 20 years to spark up the hearts of our youth to better recognise the creator and serve Him. She holds Diploma in Quranic Sceinces from Al-Huda and working on research and development projects in English language with Al-Huda international since 2009. She has...
Let us revive the honor of Islam Today; for a better Tomorrow only comes with a transformed Today.

Islam, followed by more than a billion people today is also the fastest growing religion in the world yet we have reached a time whereby our identity as a Muslim is one of shame and embarrassment. The flag of Islam has been at half-mast for an indefinite period and we have long forgotten how Glorious once Islam was in the past.
Our success lies in the Divine guidance. We need to revive the honor of Islam by embracing the role Allah chose for us, the role of being the Khalifa on earth.
Let’s take up the role of being the Khalifa with the conviction that we can bring back our past glory by coupling the experiences of the past with the expertise of the present.
Let us revive the honor of Islam Today; for a better Tomorrow only comes with a transformed Today.

The Mainstage

The Mainstage is the main feature of the conference that aims at providing inspirational and thought-provoking sessions by our scholars, motivational speakers, Qur’an reciters and Nasheed artists.


A chance to experience live, mesmerizing and captivating performances by a renowned Nasheed artist.


Workshops will consist of interactive sessions and discussions with the instructors, with room for reflective Q & A.

Qiraa-ah Sab'ah

Listen to the seven modes of recitation of the Divine words of the Qur’an by Qari Sohaib Meer Muhammadi. Let the mesmerizing recitation connect you to the word of Allah and ignite in your hearts the love of the Qur’an.

Speakers Corner

A golden opportunity to have intercommunication with your dearest speakers. Meet them to benefit from their one on one sessions.

Sisters-only Sessions

Sisters-only sessions conducted by proficient and knowledgeable female speakers on the purpose of our being and talks on problems faced by women prevalent in our society.

Youth Counseling Sessions

An opportunity where we can benefit from the wisdom of our youth counselors. Our counselors are experts in youth related issues. Both youth and parents alike can avail the opportunity at hand.

Kids Kingdom

Your kids are in for excitement and adventure at our Kids’ Kingdom while you attend our Emaan boosting Conference.

The Mommy-Stop

A special area dedicated to mothers with kids under the age of 5. This facility is made available with the ‘Live Streaming’ of the class so mothers can watch their children and benefit from the seminar at the same time.


A shopping haven with over 30 vendors showcasing an array of miscellaneous goods for the entire family.

Food Court

A facility with a setup of multiple food vendors providing a common dining area for self-serve meal.

Conference Schedule
Learn about the schedule of workshops, lectures and speakers of the conference.

Main Stage

Workshops & Counselling


We’ve designed the layout of SOUQ by keeping our attendees as well as our vendors in mind.

It's our aim to showcase the exhibition to give our attendees an opportunity to shop as well as to make themselves familiarise of small businesses run by Muslim brothers/sisters from whom they can benefit in future too.

Information related to pricing of every product and terms & conditions are mentioned in the Stallholders Guide.

All stalls are comprised of one table and two chairs and are designed with an intent to allow attendees to not only attend SOUQ but to also have a variety of other things for them to explore and to make themselves enjoy and benefited in various ways during the event.

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Kids Kingdom
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