Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed

Dr. Zeeshan is one of the leading management educationists in the country. He has held key positions in the three top business schools in Pakistan, viz. LUMS, IBA and KSBL. He has also served on the board of country’s eminent Islamic Schools. His mission and passion is to change the society by reforming the education system. He has also studied traditional uloom under the tutelage of eminent scholars.

Currently, Dr. Zeeshan is the Rector and Dean, KSBL. Prior to joining KSBL, he was heading the undergraduate program at LUMS business school. Dr. Zeeshan has over 25 years of diverse experience in teaching, training, consulting and research. Initially, he worked as a management consultant with Ferguson Associates, an affiliate firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers. He completed his Ph.D. from Mississippi State University, US in the discipline of Finance. Professionally, he is a CFA and has also passed all CPA examinations.

Recently, he has been working on curriculum and pedagogies that help in developing universally desirable character traits that are integral to the Seerah of Prophet ﷺ and his companions. Dr. Zeeshan also serves on the Board of Institute of Financial Markets Pakistan (IFMP) SECP, CPD Committee of Institute of Chartered Accountants Pakistan (ICAP) and academic council of IBA Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance (CEIF).