Ustadha Huma Najmul Hassan

Mrs. Huma Najmul Hassan is a Daée and a Teacher.

Her educational background includes a B.Sc and a Masters degree in Islamic Studies. She completed a two year diploma course in the Arabic language from Ummul Qura in Makkah.

She began teaching the Qur’an at an informal halaqah in 1997. Upon requests from students for a more comprehensive study of the Qur’an, and Sunnah, a two year programme comprising of several short courses was initiated in 2002.

This programme later started several off shoots and grew into an Islamic Educational Society Trust – ‘Al-ilm’, with Mr Najmul Hassan as the President.

Alhamdulillah, since then the programme has been successfully running with a team of volunteers and senior graduates in the role of instructors.

Some of the courses under Huma Najmul Hassan’s supervision include the following:

  • Bunyaad; A 2 year Certificate course for Women (in Urdu)
  • Fahm ul Qur’an; Bi-weekly programme for Women (in Urdu)
  • Perceptions; Weekly Workshop for Pre-teen and Teenage Girls (in English)
  • Quest; Weekly course for Women (in English)
  • Ta’meer; Bi- weekly Advanced course for Women (in Urdu)
  • Base Lines; Weekly course for Women (in English)
  • Maktab; Maderassa for Children